Social Sectors

Social Sectors

Since the late 1990s there has been shift in the way foreign aid is intended to be distributed to the social sectors, moving from traditional forms of project aid towards more comprehensive instruments of development assistance, including public-private partnerships, and international financing mechanisms.

Punching metal, © John Hogg/World Bank

Sam Jones', Research Associate of UNU-WIDER, giving a presentation on 'Unpacking the impact of aid – how does aid work?' at the Aid, Growth and Mac...

Sam Jones, Research Associate, UNU-WIDER
Cloudy sky, © UN Photo/Martine Perret

Can the well regarded national and local connections of churches be used to effectively deliver aid?

UNU-WIDER / Oct 2012
Pouring gold bars, © Jonathan Ernst/The World Bank

Research increasingly shows that aid disbursements have had positive effects on the economies of recipient countries.

UNU-WIDER / Aug 2012
Old village woman, © UN Photo / Martine Perret

Lucy Scott reports on her research on women's empowerment strategies through development assistance projects.

Lucy Scott / Jan 2012
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Innovations in social protection systems design have moved forward quickly on the supply-side over the past decade.

Alisa DiCaprio / Nov 2011
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Phillip Abbot argues that if food aid is to be more effective donors need to consider both the goals of the aid, and its economic implications.

UNU-WIDER / Jun 2012