Social Sectors

Social Sectors

Since the late 1990s there has been shift in the way foreign aid is intended to be distributed to the social sectors, moving from traditional forms of project aid towards more comprehensive instruments of development assistance, including public-private partnerships, and international financing mechanisms.

Hand drawing © UN Photo/Martine Perret

The research project ReCom-Research and Communication on foreign aid, which is co-ordinated by UNU-WIDER with funding from the development agencies...

Carl-Gustav Lindén / Sep 2012
Books inside a classroom at West Darfur © UN Photo/Albert Gonzalez Farran

The quality of education is still very low in many developing countries, and aid, alongside governments in domestic governments, could do more to r...

UNU-WIDER / Mar 2013
Health worker injecting vaccine to child. © Kenneth Pornillos / World Bank

The most successful projects and programmes are those that give local partners real ownership over the development process.

UNU-WIDER / Mar 2013
Porraskoski rapid © Anu Laakso

Exciting research about the impact of aid on different sectors continues steadily from the ReCom project. This newsletter is an effort to present t...

Carl-Gustav Lindén / Aug 2012
Launch of collaboration for joint University of Ghana, © UNU-WIDER

ReCom highlights in the WIDERAngle June - July 2012 issue.

UNU-WIDER / June 2012
Lant Pritchett, © UNU-WIDER

An interview with Professor Lant Pritchett from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, conducted during his visit to Helsinki to del...

Lant Pritchett, Professor, Kennedy Schoo