Social Sectors

Social Sectors

Since the late 1990s there has been shift in the way foreign aid is intended to be distributed to the social sectors, moving from traditional forms of project aid towards more comprehensive instruments of development assistance, including public-private partnerships, and international financing mechanisms.


Foreign aid to the social sectors, and the number of donors, has been quickly growing.

UNU-WIDER / Sep 2013
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The knowledge gathered through the ReCom research project culminates in five position paper, one on each of the themes of the programme.

UNU-WIDER / May 2014
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Videos of the ReCom results meeting: Aid and the Social Sectors.

UNU-WIDER / Apr 2013
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More than 150 people gathered for the whole-day event at Sida, the Swedish donor agency, and even more followed the proceedings live; students, aca...

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The share of aid to social sectors has grown over the past 20 years. Evidence shows clear links between support to these sectors and poverty reduct...

UNU-WIDER / Mar 2013
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In this interview Professor Armando Barrientos from the University of Manchester explains why the use of social protection is increasing and highli...

Armando Barrientos, Professor, Universit