Governance & Fragility

Governance & Fragility

Governance has become a major concern for both donors and aid recipient countries since the late 1980s. Very poor quality governance is also one of the defining characteristics of state fragility, and social unrest and violence may both exacerbate and be caused by weak institutions. Our work draws on some 80 studies prepared by UNU-WIDER’s global network.

Forensic police officers examin fingerprints, © UN Photo/Martine Perret

Aili Tripp's WIDER working paper focuses on how foreign aid helped, and unintentionally hindered, Tanzania's democratic consolidation.

UNU-WIDER / Aug 2012
Blue and pink smoke, © UN Photo/Martine Perret

What are the next steps for donors in the MENA region?

Jane Harrigan / Dec 2011

In just a little over a month, policy makers will converge in Busan, South Korea for the fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness.

Danielle Resnick / Oct 2011

After sixtyyears of foreign aid efforts and dramatic change in the world of aid recipients, many concerns are being raised about the effectiveness...

Peter S. Heller / Nov 2011
Urban poverty, © UN Photo/Kibae Park

For urban reduction strategies to be successful the urban poor must take center stage.

UNU-WIDER / Dec 2012
Rice fields, © Kibae Park/UN Photo

Is food aid effective, is it preferable to cash, and what role does it play in conflict situations?

UNU-WIDER / Aug 2012