Environment & Climate Change

Environment & Climate Change

Climate change poses humanity’s biggest challenge. With climate change now an urgent priority, what can we learn from past successes of development co-operation in the environmental area, its failures, and how can some of these successes be scaled-up in the area of climate change adaption? 

To meet development objectives, aid recipients and their donor partners need to effectively manage the macroeconomic effects of aid.

Addison, Mekasha, Nyyssölä, Scott, Tarp,
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How can the three goals of promoting development, adaptation to climate change, and climate change mitigation be addressed simultaneously?

UNU-WIDER / May 2013

After sixtyyears of foreign aid efforts and dramatic change in the world of aid recipients, many concerns are being raised about the effectiveness...

Peter S. Heller / Nov 2011
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Phillip Abbot argues that if food aid is to be more effective donors need to consider both the goals of the aid, and its economic implications.

UNU-WIDER / Jun 2012