Environment & Climate Change

Environment & Climate Change

Climate change poses humanity’s biggest challenge. With climate change now an urgent priority, what can we learn from past successes of development co-operation in the environmental area, its failures, and how can some of these successes be scaled-up in the area of climate change adaption? 

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Environmental aid is increasingly allocated through bilateral aid agencies rather than through the multilateral channels created for this purpose....

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Despite massive potential investments, green energy is not up to speed in Africa. The reason is not the cost or durability of the technology but a...

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'Chinese aid is no different from American', says Michael Tierney, associate professor of International Relations at the College of William and Mar...

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The knowledge gathered through the ReCom research project culminates in five position paper, one on each of the themes of the programme.

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Improved institutional arrangements for the provision of international public goods can improve agricultural development and food security.

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The world is a complex place where risk and uncertainty are an everyday challenge.