Growth & Employment

Growth & Employment

Aid can help countries generate more growth and employment, but what are the channels that work best for growth? How can aid help improve the livelihoods of the poorest people, improve the opportunities for women in the labour market, and provide more employment for young people? 

People carrying water, © Jonathan Ernst/The World Bank

Aid has had a significant positive effect on growth in Sierra Leone during the period from 1970 to 2007, but the size of the effect differs accordi...

UNU-WIDER / May 2012
Trader works on the floor of the Ghana Stock Exchange, © Jonathan Ernst/World Bank

The global financial crisis is likely to increase debt and reduce aid in Sub-Saharan Africa. What effect will this have on public expenditure criti...

UNU-WIDER / Oct 2012
Polling staff prepare the material ahead of the vote between 6 and 7 am, © UP Photo/UNMIT/Martine Perret

Can aid act as a catalyst in launching growth episodes, and does a countries vulnerability affect this?

UNU-WIDER / Aug 2012
Constructing New Roads, © Deshan Tennekoon/World Bank

To what extent can donor coordination cut costs and improve the allocation of aid?

UNU-WIDER / Nov 2012

The strong interdependent relationship between the developed and developing countries made itself visible again with the recent economic downturn....

Gravier-Rymaszewska / Mar 2012

As the country’s oil production shifts into gear, Ghana’s new status as a middle-income country is bound to see a reduction in official development...

Robert Osei / Mar 2012