Growth & Employment

Growth & Employment

Aid can help countries generate more growth and employment, but what are the channels that work best for growth? How can aid help improve the livelihoods of the poorest people, improve the opportunities for women in the labour market, and provide more employment for young people? 

After sixtyyears of foreign aid efforts and dramatic change in the world of aid recipients, many concerns are being raised about the effectiveness...

Peter S. Heller / Nov 2011
Outside of classroom, © World Bank / Curt Carnemark

Innovations in social protection systems design have moved forward quickly on the supply-side over the past decade.

Alisa DiCaprio / Nov 2011
Fresh coffee beans,  © UN Photo/Martine Perret

Phillip Abbot argues that if food aid is to be more effective donors need to consider both the goals of the aid, and its economic implications.

UNU-WIDER / Jun 2012