Growth & Employment

Growth & Employment

Aid can help countries generate more growth and employment, but what are the channels that work best for growth? How can aid help improve the livelihoods of the poorest people, improve the opportunities for women in the labour market, and provide more employment for young people? 

Pomegranates, © Flore de Préneuf/World Bank

How has the World Bank adapted its approach to providing urban assistance to African cities?

UNU-WIDER / Dec 2012
Student writing notes, © Curt Carnemark / World Bank

Paul Mosley shows fiscal performance is a crucial factor in determining the effectiveness of development aid in the long term.

UNU-WIDER / May 2012
Lant Pritchett, © UNU-WIDER

An interview with Professor Lant Pritchett from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, conducted during his visit to Helsinki to del...

Lant Pritchett, Professor, Kennedy Schoo
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Tony Addison, Chief Economist and Deputy Director, UNU-WIDER, giving a presentation on 'Macroeconomic Management of Aid – Key Challenges' at the Ai...

Tony Addison, Chief Economist/Deputy Dir
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Katarina Juselius, Professor, University of Copenhagen, giving a presentation on 'Time-series analysis of 36 African countries' at the Aid, Growth...

Katarina Juselius, Professor, University
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Tseday Jemaneh Mekasha, Research Associate, UNU-WIDER, giving a presentation on 'Insights from meta-analysis' at the Aid, Growth and Macroeconomic...

Tseday Jemaneh Mekasha, Research Associa