Growth & Employment

Growth & Employment

Aid can help countries generate more growth and employment, but what are the channels that work best for growth? How can aid help improve the livelihoods of the poorest people, improve the opportunities for women in the labour market, and provide more employment for young people? 

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Development practice continues to operate on the assumptions of an outdated theory of modernization.

UNU-WIDER / jul 2013
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Current development practice focuses too much on the form institutions take, at the expense of worrying about function.

UNU-WIDER / jul 2013
Launch of collaboration for joint University of Ghana, © UNU-WIDER

ReCom highlights in the WIDERAngle June - July 2012 issue.

UNU-WIDER / June 2012
WIDERAngle May 2012, © UNU-WIDER

ReCom highlights in the WIDERAngle May 2012 issue.

WIDERAngle / May 2012
Afghan students' coats hanging, © UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

In his WIDER working paper Richard Manning explains what he sees as the seven key stumbling blocks for aid effectiveness today.

UNU-WIDER / May 2012
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The motivation of central government intervention in land deals is two-fold - their actions can be explicitly motivated by politics and self-intere...

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