Governance & Fragility

Governance & Fragility

Governance has become a major concern for both donors and aid recipient countries since the late 1980s. Very poor quality governance is also one of the defining characteristics of state fragility, and social unrest and violence may both exacerbate and be caused by weak institutions. Our work draws on some 80 studies prepared by UNU-WIDER’s global network.

Specifically, this project will uncover whether vertically divided authority reduces the delivery of basic urban services through reductions in int...

UNU-WIDER / Dec 2012
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How to rebuild and reconcile countries torn by war has been a dominant theme in the global debate for half a century or more.

WIDER Annual Lecture 16 © UNU-WIDER

The 16th WIDER Annual Lecture was delivered by Professor Lant Pritchett, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, on Thursday 27 September...

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At the recent UNU-WIDER research conference on development and climate change, the communications team took the opportunity to ask participants vis...

UNU-WIDER / Oct 2012
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ReCom highlights in the WIDERAngle October issue.

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Over the past decade, randomized controlled trials (RCTs) have become a staple of research in development economics.

Gisselquist, Niño-Zarazúa / Oct 2012