Gender Equality

Women suffer economic, social, and political discrimination. Much has been done over the last three decades to try and reverse such discrimination, and aid has played its part. Yet in many societies there is often a higher incidence of poverty among women than men, while women are also more likely to live in extreme poverty.

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The knowledge gathered through the ReCom research project culminates in five position paper, one on each of the themes of the programme.

UNU-WIDER / December 2013

Now out the ReCom summary on 15 key findings relevant to the post-2015 agenda.

UNU-WIDER / March 2014

Aid for Gender Equality

UNU-WIDER / Feb 2014
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An increase in the share of the government budget allocated to education and health improves overall human development.

UNU-WIDER / Nov 2013
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The three Nordic development agencies Danida (Denmark) Sida (Sweden), and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland (FMFA ) all recognise gender...

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Permanent improvements in the livelihoods of those living in adverse conditions require a long-term and constant form of aid.

UNU-WIDER / Nov 2013