Environment & Climate Change

Environment & Climate Change

Climate change poses humanity’s biggest challenge. With climate change now an urgent priority, what can we learn from past successes of development co-operation in the environmental area, its failures, and how can some of these successes be scaled-up in the area of climate change adaption? 

Now out the ReCom summary on 15 key findings relevant to the post-2015 agenda.

UNU-WIDER / May 2014

ReCom results meeting - Aid and Our Changing Environment storified.

UNU-WIDER / Jan 2014
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How can the costs of climate change be minimized in Mozambique?

UNU-WIDER / Jan 2014
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The findings suggest that there is a window of opportunity for Vietnam to benefit from pre-emptive action.

UNU-WIDER / Jan 2014

The global landscape of poverty has been changing quite dramatically during recent years.

UNU-WIDER / Dec 2013

The research programme ReCom – Research and communication on foreign aid – is ending this year. There is a large and unique collection of research...

December 2013