WIDERAngle August 2012 issue

widerangle / aug 2012

ReCom highlights in the WIDERAngle August issue.

Foreign Aid for Gender Equality: The Challenge for Donors
Malokele Nanivazo and Lucy Scott

The first gender equality workshop under UNU-WIDER’S ReCom—Research and Communication in Foreign Aid project was held on 12-13 July 2012 in Helsinki; gender equality being one of the project’s five themes. The goal of the workshop was to identify key focus areas in terms of what works, what could work, what is transferable, and what is scalable in foreign aid for the promotion of gender equality. Full Article.

Economic Aid vs. Democracy Aid: Democratic Consolidation in Africa

Economic aid helps countries transition to multiparty systems but it is democracy aid which is more likely to encourage consolidation.

In their UNU-WIDER working paper 'Foreign Aid and Democratic Development in Africa' Simone Dietrich and Joseph Wright focus on the impact of aid on democractic transitions and consolidations. They distinguish between two potential mechanisms for encouraging democratic consolidation: (i) the use of aid as leverage to buy political reform, and (ii) investment in the electoral process through aid specifically earmarked to help improve democracy and governance. They look beyond simple democratic transition by assessing the effect these types of aid have on five separate indicators, four of which relate to democratic consolidation. Full article.

Vulnerability, aid and accelerated growth

Can aid act as a catalyst in launching growth episodes, and does a countries vulnerability affect this?

In the recent UNU-WIDER working paper 'Aid and Growth Accelerations' Patrick Guillaumont and Laurent Wagner aim to address the shortcomings they see in the current literature on growth accelerations, periods where growth speeds up, and the relationship between aid and growth. Full article.